“Since joining the meditation workshop with Vera and practicing the mantra meditation daily I have reconnected to my inner stillness and centre in a way that feels so enriching nourishing and familiar. When I received my mantra I cried and felt a deep sense of coming home. It has been a great gift so far and has helped me keep my centre in some stressful times. Thankyou again Vera for being such a beautiful  teacher and sharing this divine wisdom.”

Mhaire, Scotland

“Highly recommend Vera as an outstanding meditation teacher! I am still following what she taught me daily to great advantage to my life.”

Patti, Australia

“I had the intention of finding a deep inner peace when I registered for Vera Atlantia’s workshop about the Vedic Mantra Meditation. After practicing for about 2 months every day, I’m discovering that there’s more than inner peace… I’ve recently experienced what Vera was talking about, and now I finally understand it: the ‘vastness and quietness of the space within’. This feeling of experiencing no boundaries within myself is more than I would ever imagine receiving with the mantra meditation. It’s just a blissful space of calmness and silent field within myself… I can even feel it on the physical level, my body feels lifted, my heart and my hands feel warm. And this feeling is in everyone of us. Thank you Vera for bringing this amazing technique to us in Vienna, and I would definitely recommend this workshop to everyone who wishes to discover the immensity of the space within… This method will simply help you to unveil it!”

Florence Ménard, Austria

“Vera is a truly wonderful and kindhearted woman who loves and is passionate about what she teaches. Her soft and loving presence makes her easily approachable and no question is too much for her to answer. Once you have received your personal mantra there are ample opportunities during the course to practice and experience the vibration of this/these divine word(s). Vera explains everything in such a way that it’s easy to understand and implement, not only concerning the meditations but life as well!”

Victoria Gryson, Belgium

“The meditation has already had a great impact since taking the course two weeks ago. I feel like there are lots of things being healed, my body has been releasing a lot of stress, I had some experiences in which I had the chance to break a pattern and to live more from the heart. I feel really grateful that I did the meditation course! Of course there is also some stress release that doesn’t feel so pleasant, but I can recognize more and more that it’s only “the old” coming out and that in reality I am light and love.
A few days ago i was just laughing with my mom about that I could easily make a television commercial for the meditation “Do you want to have more energy? Feel happy every day and with almost no worries? Then take the shakti yoga meditation course!” Haha! Honestly, that’s the way i feel about it, it’s so great!”

Djessy van den Dries, the Netherlands

“On 6+7 August 2016 I was blessed to attend the wonderful workshop Shakti Yoga Meditation by Vera Atlantia.
I can say that I am really, and deeply touched by this technique and by Vera.
Up to the end of August not a day went by that I did not practice the sitting meditation with the mantra for 20 minutes. From the first day onwards, I felt that it was changing me. Opening me, specifically my heart. Making me softer, more relaxed, more patient, more connected, lighter – even radiant 🙂 And like all things mystical, there are not enough words to explain my experiences… I am so very grateful.

I felt very touched by Veras presence. She is radiant, loving, warm and kind and I feel particularly blessed to be touched by her light and that of the guru’s that go and have gone before her.”

Sofie Van Mensel, Belgium